Lazy Sundays #24 – Best Videos from the Past Week

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Welcome to two dozen weeks of Lazy Sundays! Ok, maybe that milestone isn’t so epic, but the videos we picked this week are. We’ll start things off with a section of car culture that I actually haven’t featured as yet, the tuners. While I am an avid fan of the tuner culture, it’s very rare that a video centered around tuner cars makes my final list. Mainly it’s because the stance movement is pretty much synonymous with the culture now and, if you think about it, the form over function ethos of stance doesn’t quite fit on a website called Life in Tenths. The NSX in this video though, is just about the perfect balance of form and function in my eyes. In the aesthetics department, the wide body kit ups the aggressiveness without destroying the original, timeless shape. I also like that the classic Formula Red paint is retained and offset nicely by the black spoiler, front splitter, side skirt extensions and diffuser. The red and black theme is continued with red StopTech big brake kits front and rear, sitting behind black Advan Racing GT wheels. The car sits sensibly low on KW Variant 3 coilovers and also features an iLift system, which automatically raises the ride height when an obstacle is encountered. Then there’s the pièce de résistance, the ‘5ENNA’ number plate, which takes this car from awesome to legendary. I’m sure even Ayrton Senna would be impressed by this build.


Next we look at the final installment of the Worthouse Team’s Formula Drift 2017 adventure. Their season has been one straight out of the story books, and the final round at Irwindale couldn’t have been a more perfect closing chapter. At the final Formula D event at Irwindle Speedway, before it’s torn down next year, Deane only needed to make it to the Top 32 round to win the championship. Ever the professional though, he treated it like any other event, going for the win even after accomplishing that task. A crash with Odi Bakchis in their top 4 battle prevented him from taking the win in Irwindale, but Wiecek was still in the hunt. The rookie, who was easily among the fastest on the weekend, scored yet another win for the Worthouse Team and also his first in Formula D. So when the smoke faded away, it was Wiecek on the top of the podium, and Deane in third, but with the championship title, and on his birthday no less.


Next we take a look at a seriously fast Impreza from the Haltech World Cup Finals. Subaru’s are generally not the first option for a drag car. I’d assume that’s mainly due to how expensive it is to make big power from the EJ series motors reliably. It’s really impressive then, that Roland Resto and his team have managed to get the White Bullet WRX STI into the sevens. It technically isn’t the first STI to make it there – that accolade goes to Andy Forrest’s 6 cylinder Impreza, although that’s built for different disciplines these days – but it’s the first true STI, keeping the EJ257 and, incredibly, a six speed box.


Next , we head to Rallye International du Valais in Switzerland to watch some Porsche 911 GT3 rally cars in action. Porsche’s track variant of the 911 isn’t a car you’d associate with rallying, but oddly enough, they work rather well. Obviously they aren’t as fast as the 4WD WRC cars, but where they have the edge is the RWD drama, and THAT sound. There’s never a bad time to listen to a screaming Porsche ‘Mezger’ engine; and to hear one approaching at full noise on a rally course must be one the most spine tingling sensations ever. Is there anything a GT3 isn’t good at?


In the final video for this week, we head to Mexico with the Hoonigan crew. After engine woes spoiled a good performance from new recruit Sara Price at the Mount Washington Hillclimb, the team was keen to get her back into the 124 Abarth Rally car. They ended up heading to the inaugural San Pedro Martir Hillclimb in Mexico, which may just become one of the greatest hillclimbs in the world. Snaking 30km through the San Pedro Martir mountain range and rising a breathtaking 9000ft, this mountain course is the largest hillclimb in the Americas, if not the world; dwarfing the Pikes Peak course by some margin. The Hoonigans also brought rally and hillclimb legend Rhys Millen to compete and give Price and her navigator, Erica Sacks, some useful hillclimbing lessons. The lessons clearly worked, as in her first competition with a navigator, and on a brand new course, Price cut 1 minute and 49 seconds from her qualifying time to post a 15:43. That’s 34 seconds off Millen’s time, which is great when you consider the length of the course. To be 1.13 seconds per kilometer off the pace of a professional race driver is definitely an impressive achievement. I’ll definitely be keeping watch for what the Hoonigans have in store for this multi-talented (those bike skills though) woman next.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos chosen this week. As always be sure to spread the wealth to your gearhead friends by sharing. Would you like to see more tuner car content in the future? Let us know in the comments.


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