Lazy Sundays #22: Best Videos from the Past Week

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Welcome to the 22nd installment of Lazy Sundays. Last week was admittedly slow, which resulted in fewer videos than usual. This week though, we have more than enough quality videos to make up for it. We’ll start with highlights from The World Time Attack Challenge 2017, courtesy of MCA Suspension. For those who are not aware, the World Time Attack Challenge is the premier Time Attack event in the world. Held every October at the Sydney Motorsports Park, it attracts the fastest Time Attack teams from around the world to take on Australia’s best. The car to beat this year was the reigning champion, the MCA Hammerhead S13, which you can learn more about here. Once again, V8 Supercar driver Tim Slade was in the driver’s seat and once again, the Pro Class field was blown away. The refined Hammerhead set a new Time Attack record of 1:20.971 that no competitor could come close to. To put that into perspective, that’s the second fastest lap on record at Sydney Motorsport park behind a 1:19.142, set by Niko Huklenberg in an A1GP Lola. Not bad at all for a car that started out as an 80s Japanese sports coupe.


Next we have a rally event so epic that I had no choice but to share both videos with you. Imagine being able to see rare and valuable rally cars from every era of the World Rally Championships, being properly thrashed in a full stage rally. Well such an event exists, and it’s called Rally Legend. Held every October in San Marino, Rally Legend is essentially the Spa Classic of the rally world, bringing together rally cars of every era to compete against each other over the three day spectacle. The first video covers Friday’s shakedown, while the second video covers the night stage. I bet even the rally aficionados among us will have a hard time naming all the cars competing.



Next we have coverage of the Cividale Castelmonte Hillclimb; one of the last events of the Italian Hillclimb season. This hillclimb had just about everything, picturesque autumn surroundings, jumps, crashes, close calls and even a ballsy overtake maneuver. Enjoy the highlights below.


In the latest episode of “LS All the Things” we have a Datsun 280Z, powered by a 5.3L LS truck motor bored to 5.6L and force fed by two massive turbos, altogether sending around 1200hp to the rear wheels through a T56 transmission (yup, it’s stick-shift). Is a twin-turbo LS 280Z sacrilege? Yes. Does a twin-turbo LS 280Z make for an absolutely mental drag car? Also yes. The owner/driver has to leave some power on the table to get the lightweight chassis down the strip in one piece, but still manages consistent 8 second passes. Imagine how much faster it will be if he manages to dial in the suspension to make use of all 1200hp.


Finally we have a gorgeous 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible that won Hagerty’s Classic Car of the Year award. A clean classic isn’t all that is needed to win this award however. It’s also about the story behind it, and this Challenger is at the center of a heartwarming one about a man who has certainly been blessed with an amazing family. Enjoy their story below.


That’s all for another Lazy Sundays. I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos we chose this week. As always, feel free to share your thoughts on the videos in the comments.


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