Lazy Sundays #21: Best Videos from the Past Week

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Another week has arrived; and after all the action and excitement at the Barbados Festival of Speed yesterday, what better way to simmer down than with Lazy Sundays #21? This collection is a video shorter than usual (it was a slow week), but there’s still plenty for you to enjoy, starting with highlights from the BRC Winter Sprint. The penultimate event of the rally season was a double header, the first round running from Josey Hill to Lamberts and the second round running in the opposite direction. Both rounds were won by Jeffrey Panton, who dominated in his Ford Focus RS WRC 06 to maintain his 100% record this year. The main highlight of the day though, was the fierce two-wheel-drive battle between Roger Mayers (WR Starlet), his brother Barry Mayers (Ford Fiesta) and Rhett Watson (BMW M3). All three drivers were blisteringly quick, especially considering the road surface was slick and had actually caught out a number of competitors. At the end of both rounds though, it was Roger Mayers who took the fastest two-wheel-drive accolade, as well as first in SM2 and second overall, while Rhett Watson took first in SM3 and third overall in both rounds. Barry Mayers finished 5th overall behind Roger Hill in the Corolla WRC in Round 1 and 4th in Round 2, placing 2nd in SM2 in both rounds. There was plenty of action outside of the front runners as well, as seen below.


Next we join Ivan Pezzolla on a run up the Pedavena Hillclimb, in an Osella PA21. Prototype race cars are generally the fastest way to get up a hillclimb and this video gives you an example of how scary fast they are. It’s one thing to be full throttle on a well manicured racetrack with run-off space, but to be full throttle on a narrow public road, with crash barriers on one side and mountain walls on the next, takes high levels of stability providing downforce and even higher levels of bravery from the driver. Watch as he conquers the 7.8km course in under four minutes.


Sports car manufacturers usually have a lot to think about when they build cars, whether it be meeting the regulations to make their creation road legal or eligible for use in motorsports, or leaving performance on the table in the name of street driving practicality and reliability. But what happens when manufacturers give their designers and engineers free reign to make a car that doesn’t have to comply with any rules? One that leaves nothing on the table? The answer is the ultimate track weapon, and this video showcases two examples, the Aston Martin Vulcan and McLaren P1 GTR. Both are carbon fibre bodied, high horsepower, high downforce beasts whose sole purpose is to be as fast as possible around any race course. What makes these cars unique however, is how Aston Martin and McLaren went about making them. The P1 GTR essentially takes the already insane, road going P1 hypercar, and releases all of the potential that was held back in the name of streetability. The Vulcan, on the other hand, was a race car from its inception. Aston Martin and their long-term partners Multimatic, paired the V12 (enlarged from 6 to 7 litres) and Xtrac transmission from the Vantage GT3 with a chassis, suspension and aero package that uses their collective motorsport experience to its fullest potential. Trying to decide which one is better is next to impossible and, frankly, pointless. Simply enjoy the rare opportunity to see them on track at the same time.


The final video continues the theme of all out track weapons. If you haven’t been using headphones up to this point however, you MUST put them on. Ferrari FXX track days are awesome as is, but this video is even more special through the use of 3D Binaural Audio. Binaural Recording uses two microphones arranged to create a three dimensional stereo sound effect; giving the listener the sensation that they are in the vicinity of the sound source. It’s actually a very old technology, but it never took off due to the high cost of specialized equipment back in the day. Thankfully though, modern technology has advanced to the point that such equipment is much more affordable, and someone had the brilliant idea to use it for recording these screaming Ferrari track specials around Imola. It’s a trippy sensation, as if the cars are passing by in front of you. I advise you to watch this on the biggest screen you have, and with noise cancelling headphones if possible. It’ll be worth it.


That’s it for another week. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, as short as it was. On the bright side, there was plenty of automotive action last week, so be on the lookout for a rather epic Lazy Sundays in the near future. Till next time!


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