Lazy Sundays #20: Best Videos From the Past Week

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The 20th installment of Lazy Sundays is here, and it’s oddly satisfying how this landmark occasion falls on the first day of a new month. We’ll start the ball rolling with Ken Block’s latest act of hooning, that comes just a month after Terrakhana. This time Block took on the legendary Pikes Peak Hillclimb course, hence the name ‘Climbkhana’. For this task he chose the Hoonicorn V2. This space-framed, all-wheel driven, Roush Yates V8 powered Ford Mustang now features a twin-turbo setup that bumps power from 845hp and 720lb/ft of torque to a simply mad 1400hp and 1250lb/ft of torque. That’s far more than enough to lay copious amounts of rubber along the 12.42 mile long course. Enjoy the madness below.


Next we return yet again to the Nürburgring, where Porsche with their new 911 GT2 RS, laid down a new road-legal sports car record in response to the slew of lap times we’ve had this year. The GT2 RS has the power bits from the 911 Turbo S with the addition of bigger turbos, water injection and a titanium exhaust system, which work together to make 700hp and 553lb/ft of torque. Add to that all the handling bits from the GT3 RS and a near 300lb loss of weight compared to the Turbo S, and you have the most potent 911 track special Porsche has ever built. How fast is this ultimate 911? The lap time was 6:47.3; a staggering 10 seconds faster than their 918 Spyder halo car. A gap so large that not even Porsche was expecting it. More importantly, it’s around 5 seconds faster than the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, which held the record for all of a couple months. Equally impressive is that the GT2 RS is rear wheel drive. You wouldn’t guess it given how the driver seems to have a relatively easy time putting 700hp to the ground. It’s still slower than the NextEV Neo EP9 electric supercar, but as that isn’t a full fledged production car yet, it doesn’t quite count. So for now, it’s Porsche who has raised a bar and told the other manufacturers “DO SAIN” (For our non-Barbadian readers: That’s Bajan for “Do something about it”). You had to see it coming though; the Nürburgring is on their home turf after all.


Next we have highlights from the Aragon GP. Held at Motorland Aragon in Spain, the 14th round of the MotoGP season saw a masterful come from behind win by Marc Marquez. After a crash in qualifying left him in fifth on the grid, it looked like he may not get the race win with so many strong riders before him. However, due to an unusually poor start by pole sitter Maverick Vinales, he was able to move up to fourth before the end of the first lap; behind championship rival Andrea Dovizioso. After passing Dovizioso, he set his sights on Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo; piling on the pressure with some daring on-the-limit riding, highlighted by his audacious but failed attempt to pass both Rossi and Lorenzo in the same corner. Eventually though, all those in front of Marquez had no choice but to submit to his relentless charge. It must be a nerve wracking experience to have him breathing down your neck in a race. Full credit should also be given to Rossi, who finished 5th just three weeks after suffering a double leg fracture.


Next we take a look at a rather unusual drag car from Hot Rod Network’s Drag Week. As far as odd drag platforms go, a Geo Tracker – known to us here in Barbados as the Suzuki Vitatra – is pretty out there. And that’s before you mention that it’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 454 small block Chevy V8 that puts out a “conservative” 900hp. This little box of terror even has a parachute. This video follows the team on their six day journey to drag strips across Illinois and Wisconsin as they try to get into the 8s.


The final video features Mike Muniz, an avid enthusiast and collector of Toyota Corolla TE27s; the original Levin/Trueno. Currently, he owns three TE27s: an immaculate example each of the Levin and Trueno variants, and a Levin rally car. The rally car has been his project for almost 30 years and has been built for many disciplines over its lifetime. He’s gone through many engine configurations as well, the latest being a Mazda rotary engine. Before the purists are triggered though, know that he is planning to return to a Toyota engine very soon. Actually, he has three period correct, holy grail Toyota race engines: a 1.6L 151E based on the 2T-G, and two 2.0L 152Es based on the 18R-G. One of the 152Es will replace the rotary engine. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it was to locate the engines, far less source the parts to rebuild them, but with around 350hp and a 9500rpm redline, I’d say it will be well worth the effort.


That’s all we have for this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed and as always, be sure to share the wealth with your gearhead friends and give feedback if you wish.


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