Wheels and Heels Highlights

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On June 18, 2017, BARL hosted its second Wheels and HeelsĀ event of the 2017 calendar. This event is as much about the spectators as the drivers with exciting activities for both. The event includes a lot of fun and games like tire toss, a burn-out contest and an after party, but the main event is the dexterity competition around the parking lot of the Sir Llyod Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre. The word Dexterity meansĀ “skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands.” The drivers at this event were definitely skilled, tackling the variety of courses which were created for them.

The event had a great variety of cars which included a Nissan Skyline, Daihatsu Charmant, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Starlet, Toyota Cressida and Datsun 160J just to name a few. From the interviews with the drivers (video below), Big Bob with his SR20DET powered Charmant was the man everyone wanted to beat, but he ended up beating everyone to win the event.


Promotional Video with Interviews with the Drivers


Full Event Highlights from RallyMaxxTV


Driver Dreams (In and On Car Footage of some of the drivers)

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