Lazy Sundays #7: Best videos From the Past Week

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It’s that time again where we take a look at the best automotive videos that were released this past week. After saving the Rally Barbados videos for their own post I feared there wouldn’t be enough quality content for a Lazy Sundays, but thankfully, YouTube never fails. We’ll start things off today with a new lap record at the 24 Hours of Le Mans qualifying session. Kamui Kobayashi set a 3:14.791 in the No. 7 Toyota TS050 LMP1 racer, the fastest time since chicanes were added to the Mulsanne straight in 1990 and less than a second off the record before they were added. That speaks volumes to how much prototypes have advanced since the days of Group C, especially in the aero department. Getting so close to the old record with two extra chicanes in the track is no small feat. Witness the blisteringly quick lap below.


Our next video comes from the Lebanese Hillclimb Championship and features the winner Roger Feghali in his Mitsubishi Evo VI. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, you’ve probably seen his run at the Falougha Hillclimb, which went viral on Facebook in 2015. This year, his car sounds meaner than ever, playing an intoxicating mix of anti-lag and turbo flutter. The chassis and suspension setup is as polished as ever as well, complimenting his driving style perfectly. Enjoy man and machine in perfect harmony below.


The next video features a 1980s Chevy Malibu family wagon. Fear not though, this wagon in particular is a drag beast powered by a nitrous-fed small block Chevy V8. Nicknamed the Reynolds Wagon, this car is guaranteed to start with a wheelie every pass. What’s really impressive though, is how well it hooks up after the wheelie. The car stays perfectly straight after the front wheels return to the ground and absolutely hauls down the strip. This is a no prep drag event as well (the track has not been treated with any chemicals to aid traction like at a regular drag event), which makes it even more impressive. Watch as this beast takes on and destroys all comers.


Next we have an interesting electric car project from On Point Dyno in Canada. They have taken on the task of making their own electric sports car, using the Lotus Evora as a base. While an electric Lotus is nothing new (The Tesla roadster is an electric Elise), the attention to detail is nothing short of brilliant. The car uses a Tesla Model S P85D motor and Chevy Volt battery packs, all managed by a MoTec Ecu. While this setup adds around 200 pounds to the original curb weight, they’ve managed to keep the weight distribution very close to stock, the car now being 1-2% more front heavy than before. All the hard work is proven to pay off on the track, as it handles like you would expect of a car with the Lotus badge. Its 450+ hp and instant torque delivery give it frightening acceleration as well, a strange sensation for the driver and brains of the operation Sasha Anis, as the silence makes it tricky to gauge the speed. Even in the in car view, only the blur of the surroundings and the rather beautiful MoTec digital dash give an indication to how quick this car is. There is still a ways to go with this project as they now have to work on battery re-gen efficiency, as evidenced by the tow truck charge after every few laps, but by the looks of it, the final product will be hugely impressive.


Our final video covers the latest project by Mighty Car Mods. If somehow you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of the show, or the names Marty and Moog, Mighty Car Mods hails from Australia and is one of the most popular automotive channels on YouTube. They focus on DIY modification videos and generally unorthodox, always epic project car builds. The car on this occasion starts out as an original GX71 Toyota Cresta. It doesn’t stay that way for long however, quickly being torn apart and modified with a myriad of upgrades, including a big-turbo Ford Barra straight-6 engine, drag spec automatic transmission and a custom ladder-bar rear end. They were aiming for a 10 second sleeper and they achieved that and then some. Enjoy the build below, which also features MCM regulars Turbo Yoda and Mechanical Stig.


That’s all we have for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed our latest collection from YouTube. As always feel free to leave your thoughts or video links in the comments.

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