Lazy Sundays #6: Best Videos from the Past Week

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Welcome to another Lazy Sundays video collection. Apologies for the irregularity of the posts over the past 2 weeks (rally season and all). Now that we’re back to actual lazy Sundays, I’ll try to provide you with time-killing material as early and consistently as possible. We’ll start today with a short video from 3 time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg. It takes balls of steel to initiate a drift at 150mph (not to mention at the downhill portion of Road Atlanta’s back straight) but when your day job is tandem drifting a 1000hp 350Z, I’d say you’re well equipped for such a feat. His VK56 powered Infiniti M45 demo drifter only makes about half the power of his FD car but that’s clearly more than enough to pull off one of the most epic drift runs you’ll see in a while. This run happened at the Road Atlanta leg of Grid Life last year. Grid Life Midwest 2017 is happening as this post is being written, so be on the lookout for some epic footage in the coming weeks.


If you watched the videos in Lazy Sundays #3, you will remember highlights of the winning run from the Rampa da Falperra Hillclimb in Portugal. This next video provides full highlights of the same event. This race is the second leg of the European Hillclimb Championships and is known for it’s high speed corners, as evidenced by the number of times a Norma prototype hits the limiter in this video. As always, there is plenty of variety in the field, making for a very entertaining 8 minutes.


Sticking with Hillclimb, this video features a 600+ hp Mitsubishi Evo 8 RS monster. The showpiece of this car is the engine – the high revving 4G63 delivering boost with minimal lag and maximum anger. The rest of the car is set up excellently as well, wrestling the savage power delivery to the tarmac with impressive effectiveness. The second half of the video shows the in-car view, where you can see driver Ronnie Bratschi doing a awesome job keeping the beast under control, especially when it comes into boost on corner exit.


The next video features the BMW M1 Procar; the race version of one of the most desirable BMWs ever made. Produced from 1978 to 1981, the M1 was the only mid-engined sports car produced by BMW until the release of the i8 in 2014.  The 3.5L M88 straight-6 engine produced 273hp in street trim, while the M1 Procars made 470hp at a screaming 9000rpm. The Procar got its name from the one-make series that it was initially built for, which pitted pro drivers from various FIA racing series against each other. After the Procar series ended, they were used in Group 4 of the World Sportscar Championship. The M1 was definitely one of the best sounding race cars of the 70s, the high strung straight-6 absolutely singing at full chat. It was also famous for the size of the fireballs that shot out of the exhaust on overrun, as can be seen in this video.


The final video is about a meeting of old and new. The Shelby GT350s are my favourite versions of the Mustang because they focus on the entire package rather than outright horsepower figures. This video features a 1966 Shelby GT350 and a 2017 Shelby GT350, and their owners, old and young gearheads respectively. Obviously, the difference in performance and technology between the two cars is night and day. The core values are similar however – both are more powerful, lighter and better handling, track-focused versions of the standard Mustangs. What really impresses me is that despite all the modern technology available in the new GT350, Ford has managed to emulate the rawness that the classic GT350 is known for. That’s quite the feat in a time where manufacturers tend to focus too much on packing cars with technology and creature comforts and less on delivering an engaging driving experience.


That’s all we have for today. As always feel free to share and comment. If you’ve missed any of the previous Lazy Sundays, you can see them here.

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