Lazy Sundays #5: Best Videos from the Past Week

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Welcome to the fifth official Lazy Sundays, where we look at the best videos from the past week. We’ll start things off this week with two videos covering the recent FLOW King of the Hill rally event. Used as a warm up event for the three day Rally Barbados event, this year’s King of the Hill did not disappoint, featuring plenty of thrills, spills and the most entertaining Zero Car I’ve ever seen…period. Sit back and enjoy these two highlights videos of what is just a small taste of what the Barbados rallying scene has to offer. The first video is from RallyMaxx Tv and the second is from Red265 Rally Media.



If you’ve ever felt the desire to get into racing but don’t know where to start, or you’ve started but are finding your way difficult, then this video is for you. Canadian race car driver Kyle Marcelli gives a very honest account of his journey to becoming a professional race driver and the hardships that come with it. He also drops words of wisdom on what it takes to become a successful race driver, both on and off the track. All this coupled with amazing footage of him taking the R. Ferri Motorsports Ferrari 488 GT3 on test runs in preparation for the Pirelli World Challlenge.


If you viewed last week’s (technically midweek) video collection, You would have seen two features from the just past Spa Classic. The following video is a highlights compilation of the historic racing event. Featuring prototypes and touring cars from the 60’s racing era right up to the 2000s, watching the mix of racing eras – each unique in their own way aesthetically and powertrain-wise – being properly used in anger around what is arguably the most beautiful track in the world is mesmerizing. My favourites from the video are the Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-12 and XJR-14 Group C racers and the mean looking Porsche 935 Group 5 cars that made the slant nose design famous. What are your favourites from the video?


Hillclimb is the feature of the next video, this time from the picturesque mountain roads around the town of Verzegnis in the Province of Udine, Italy. Hillclimb is easily the most open official FIA Championship in existence, allowing everything from home-built race cars of varying levels of tune, to ex-GT race cars, to open wheel and prototype racers. This results in a very diverse field of cars piloted by drivers of every experience level. You can always be sure that each event will be hugely entertaining, and will probably feature a car that you’ve never seen before.


Clean it, admire it, drive it, repeat. If there was ever such a thing as a car owner’s motto, that should be it. This next video captures the essence of finding your perfect car in the most epic way. There are no words, just a cycle of a man taking great care to clean his resto-modded 1974 Alfa Romeo Spyder, then taking it to lonely desert roads, where the car is eager to to be driven as hard as its owner wants. There’s a beauty in the simplicity of it all; just a man, his car and the road. That is the best way to use your dream car in my opinion, whether built or bought, classic or modern.


That brings us to the end of another Lazy Sundays collection. Be sure to keep watch for another video collection next weekend!

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