Subaru Owners Club Drive

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The Barbados Subaru Owners Club (BSOC) had a photoshoot and picnic on May 1, 2017 to show off the awesome Subaru machinery of the Barbados owners.

The event started from SLAM FM car park in Haggatt Hall then to Dash Valley, St. George Parish Church, Gall Hill St. John, Corrington College where the main photoshoot was completed and Bajan Pride was proudly shown. After the photoshoot, the drive continued to East Point St. Philip for the picnic. A reliable source stated that food provided was excellent, even though it was the men of the group who prepared and cooked the food. According to BSOC President DeVere Tempro, the event was successful with a large variety of Subs ranging in years from 1998 – 2013. In addition, there was a wide variety of cars ranging from standard naturally aspirated vehicles to high powered, turbocharged beasts.

Meet Up at SLAM Car Park in Haggatt Hall






The variety of cars representing BSOC at Corrington College Grounds. 

The Owners alongside their cars. It was not just the men showing off their rides.

Representing 246………….BARBADOS



 Some people tried everything to get the perfect shot.


Final stop and it is time to eat.

The Street Predators crew crashed the party but the BSOC group had nothing but love for these guys.


The next outing for the BSOC is June 5, 2017 where there is a hike and picnic. Check out their Facebook page for further details.


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  1. SpeedRacer

    This article needs some facts…………..Where are the subs that set times? As in went to a single speed event and took part. A track day. Something that backs up the statement of them being beast

  2. NotImpressed

    This turn out was poor compared to the other Subaru drives I’ve seen throughout the years….looks like the number of cars has dwindled now to just about 12 cars..Not impressive at all.

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